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Rashaad Johnson
CEO, ImpactU

Impact U is a school of thought that was started as a business to encourage people to pursue their passion and live their dreams. One day a few years ago Rashaad realized that although his life was OK, he was not passionate about what he woke up to do everyday. After much thought and self reflection he started to realize that life was meant to be lived with passion and purpose and just existing and surviving was no longer OK for him. Up until that point, he had been impactful in different areas of his life and had obtained marginal levels of success, but he was not maximizing the talents he possessed and fueling the desire inside of him that craved greatness. ImpactU was created for people who have a passion on the inside of them that just hasn't fully been maximized yet. This vehicle was created by Rashaad as a means for him to mobilize his vision to impact people in a way that would stir up the desire for them to acknowledge and identify their passion, then provoke them to take action and work toward living their dreams. 


Rashaad has spoken all across the country for over 10 years on various platforms and now has decided to focus his efforts on this sole purpose. He is currently on a journey to live his dream and invites you to join him in doing what you were created to do which will ultimately make this world a better place. Even though ImpactU is relatively new, this school of thought has been brewing in him for a long time!


Impact U(University) is a  school of thought that publishes videos and statements of encouragement and inspiration through social media and in person seminars and talks. Currently you can find these releases on his youtube channel- RashaadIU, facebook-ImpactU, Instagram-@rashaadiu and twitter-@rashaadiu. 


Rashaad is determined through this vehicle to make an Impact on the lives of those he touches, an impact that will help inspire them to pursue their passion and live their dream!

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